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50 Baby Names That Mean Joy Or Laughter

by Sushree Venkat

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Read on to know about baby names that mean joy or laughter — for it is definitely important to make sure whatever name is chosen is meaningful and reflects happiness throughout!

50 Baby Names That Mean Joy Or Laughter

Though there are a lot of choices available for names that mean unexpected joy or girl names that mean joy, figuring out the right name could be a struggle. Your baby is a little person who’s going to bring so much happiness to the world and your family.  Maybe it’s not such a bad idea for the name to reflect that.

Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, a lot of options exist for choosing names that mean joy or laughter. Read on to know more — for a few of them are surprisingly interesting!

1. Lettie

This is an English name with Latin roots. This baby girl’s name  is short for Letitia and means “joy” or “gladness.”

2. Farrah

In Arabic, Farrah means “joy,” while in Persian, it refers to “glory” or “fortune.” One of the perfect girl names that mean joy or laughter.

3. Isaac

Isaac in Hebrew roots means pure joy. The name comes from a word that means he laughs!

4. Abigail

This is one of the renowned girl names that mean joy or laughter. Call her Abby or Abigail, this name means “father rejoiced” or “father’s joy”.

5. Alaia

Alaia is one of the trending girl names nowadays. meaning joyful.

6. Frayda

The name is common in Jewish households and means “joy.” Frieda and Fraida are other variants.

7. Jovie

Jovie means joyous and ‘joyful’. You can also use this name as a nickname for names such as Jovana, Jovena, or Jovita.

8. Laticia

The name Laticia is of English and Latin origins. It means “joy” and is an enchanting name for your little one.

9. Bayo

Bayo is a name that describes your feelings about your baby. Based on African origin, it means “the crown meets joy.”

10. Gaius

This is one of the ancient Latin names, meaning ‘to rejoice’.

11. Aliza

Aliza is a common name among modern Jewish families. It is one of the trending girl names that mean unexpected joy.

12.  Annabelle

This is a beautiful girl’s name that has American roots. It closely relates to the name Annabella and means joy.

13. Aashi

Aashi is a familiar name in Hindi, Arabic, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, and Kannada. It means full smile, love, joy, laughter, and blessing.

14. Haasini

This is the perfect choice for names that mean joy or laughter. Haasini is a Hindu baby name and means pleasant, wonderful, happy, or full of laughter.

15. Ikee

Ikee is a Christian boy’s name and it is of English origin. Ikee’s name means Full of laughter.

16. Hasvi

Hasvi is Hindu Girl’s name and the meaning of this name is Laughter.

17. Vuyo

The name Vuyo is of Xhosa origin and means “Joy”.

18. Ahanyan

Ahanyan is a Tamil Boy name and the meaning of this name is “Excellence”. It also has another meaning of “he laughs”.

19. Muskan


Muskan is a Muslim Girl’s Name, it has multiple Islamic meanings. The perfect Muskan name meaning is Smile.

20. Jaypal

This name of Indian origin means the one who resembles the champion or overcomer or conqueror. It also means The king’s jester, the one who laughs.

21. Hani

This is a lovely Hawaiian name that is short and sweet and has the meaning “joyful”.

22. Maeve

This beautiful Irish girl’s name means “cause of great joy”.

23. Anit

Anit is a boy’s name which means a child who brings eternal joy to his family. This name is quite popular in India.

24. Chance

If you are someone who likes unique names that mean joy or laughter, you can opt for this. This name means unexpected joy or surprise.

25. Zahal

This name means a son who brings joy to his family. Though not as common as it was in the past, Zahal is popular among Hebrew families.

26. Gili

Gili means my joy and every child indeed is for their parents.  Similar to Gil, this name started as a Hebrew boy’s name.

27. Marnin

Marnin means both someones who creates joy and a boy who carries joy with him.

28. Ron

This is a short form of the full name Ronald. Ron is an English name that means joyous boy. This name is popular among Harry Potter fans.

29.  Faegan

Faegan means joyful — one of those names that mean unexpected joy. While the name has English roots and is quite old, Fagan has a modern and trendy feel.

30. Ender

Originating from Turkey, Ender describes the surprise and joy found with a new baby.

31. Ayokunle

Ayokunle comes from Yoruba and is perfect for those who waited longer than expected to get pregnant. This name means ” joy has filled the home.”

32. Fane

This forgotten English name means “joyous.”

33. Beah

The name Beah is a girl’s name meaning “she who brings happiness”. Beah is a variant of the Latin name Beatrice.

34. Mab

Originally from Irish, the meaning of Mab is “joy, hilarity; baby”. This name is an Anglicized form of Medb borrowed by both Shakespeare and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

35. Keisha

Keisha is a Hindu Girl’s name, and the name means Her Life; Woman; Alive and Well; Great Joy.

36. Attahasa

If you are looking for names that mean laughter, this is the right choice.  The meaning of this name is “Loud Laughter and Lord Shiva”.

37. Hashan

Hashan is a Hindu baby boy name that means laughter, moon, beautiful and handsome. It is also believed to be the name of the grandson of the prophet Mohammed.  

38. Isaah

The name comes from the Latin word “pages” which means “servant”. It has other meanings such as God is my oath, a lord, laughter, and a variant of Elizabeth.

39. Jacarr

This baby boy’s name has meanings such as God’s promise, laughter, and the salvation of God. People with this name are optimistic and determined.

40. Jache

Jache’s name is especially used for the ‘Girl’ Gender. The name has various meanings such as laughter, the salvation of God, and the lord’s help.

41. Sakai

The baby girl’s name Sekai is pronounced SEYKAAiy. Sekai has its origins in the African language and means “be humorous”.

42. Handan

Handan is a Turkish name. Handan has a unique meaning in English as ‘Full Of Joy.’ In Persian, it means laughing or smiling.

43. Mobsim

This is a baby girl’s name meaning Happiness, Laughter, Joy, and Delight.

44. Inderveer

Inderveer is a baby boy’s name that means ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’. It is also used to refer to ‘God’s warrior.

45. Rena

Rena is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. It means joy or melody.

46. Ronia

Ronia is a name that comes of Hebrew origin. This name means joyful child. This name seems to be of the least usage these days.

47. Aoife

This unusual English name is said to mean radiant or joyful. This is beloved to be the name of a most powerful female warrior.

48. Geila

You can go for this Hebrew baby name meaning joy or laughter which is trending these days. Geila means the joy of the lord. It is originally a variation on the name Gila. However, Gila Monster is a deadly Mexican lizard. This hence has a modified spelling as Geila for a better choice.

49. Festus

This is an uncommon name you must have heard of. This name comes l from ancient Rome. In Latin, the name means joyous. It is the root word for our English word, festival.

50. Elza

The name comes from Hebrew origin and it means “God is my joy.” The masculine form of it is Elez, and it is also a beautiful name for a son.



Children bring a sense of peace and joy to this world which is so unique and something that is needed today more than ever. No matter what is happening in the world, seeing a smiling child’s face has the power to brighten everyone’s soul and brighten even the darkest days.

Names have many meanings. Therefore, everyone wants to name their child that not only looks cool, but also represents something strong and positive. This is definitely a choice no one wants to regret. Choose a name from the list mentioned above that are derived from words that symbolize cheerfulness, happiness, laughter and joy.

For, naming a child with such brightness and positivity from the start could only be a good thing.

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