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Top 10 Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

by Sushree Venkat

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Top 10 Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the woman leaves everything aside to focus on herself and the growing fetus. While most women continue with their routine and bring in just minor lifestyle changes after becoming pregnant, there are few activities to avoid during pregnancy keeping in mind the well-being of the to-be mom and the growing fetus. Once you discover you are pregnant, a lot of questions arise about what activities to do and what activities to avoid during pregnancy.

Hobbies, exercises, and chilling out have always been a part of many of our lifestyles. To continue the same is now a doubt for many. Though exercise, in general, is good for you and your developing baby, there are some activities during pregnancy that you should avoid ensuring your baby’s safety.

Read on more to discover things to do and the things to avoid during pregnancy to have a safe delivery.

10 Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

Though it’s important to stay active and fit during pregnancy for your mental and physical health, there are a few activities that can put your baby at risk while you are carrying. At the same time, you may not want to abandon your favorite hobbies or workouts. It is better to avoid activities that could cause damage to your uterus. This could happen due to a serious fall or because of jarring, stop-and-start movements.

While many of us want to hear ‘YES’ for doing a lot of things during pregnancy, it is often preceded by a ‘NO’. Not only does our body change physically while carrying the little one, but the way we live also goes through many changes to keep the little one safe.

Navigating the activities to do and activities to avoid during pregnancy might seem endless. We have made it simple with a correlated list of what not to do while you are carrying.

1. Avoid hot tubs and saunas

Though using saunas, jacuzzies, hot tubs, and steam rooms are always comfortable, this is one of the activities to avoid during pregnancy in the second trimester due to the risk of overheating and dehydration.

Due to hormonal changes and an increase in blood supply, you are likely to feel warmer than usual which can also make you feel faint. Your body is unable to lose heat effectively by sweating which causes core temperature rises1.

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Also, when you do not get enough blood and oxygen to your brain, you can feel dizzy.

It is better to avoid hot tubs that are hit as 40C.

2. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is one of the top activities to avoid during pregnancy as it increases the risk of miscarriage, birth, and low birth weight. There’s no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy as it causes problems for your baby at any time during pregnancy. Talking about alcohol, even drinking red wine during pregnancy is not advisable.

According to a source, when a woman consumes alcohol, it goes to the baby through her bloodstream. This effect can cause fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), — which is a serious condition that can affect a child throughout life.

3. Lifting heavyweight

Lifting heavyweight

If you are a fitness freak, you can continue to stay active and carry on with your exercise and workout regime after becoming pregnant. However, remember not to lift anything heavy during this period as it can put pressure on your back and pelvis2. Always remember that there are certain workouts to avoid during pregnancy.

Also, lifting weights above your head can increase the curve of your lower spine and aggravate lumbar stresses. During vigorous exercises, the blood flow to the placenta is reduced resulting in a decrease in oxygen going to the fetus3.

4. Yoga asanas

Pregnant women are advised to stay active and fit throughout pregnancy. Many women choose yoga over exercise, as it helps in calming the mind and helps to prepare oneself for delivery. However, certain yoga also involves a lot of stretching and backbends which are activities to avoid during pregnancy in the third trimester4.

You can opt for prenatal yoga which is a great way of keeping oneself physically active. These yoga asanas are specially designed for pregnant women and there are many prenatal yoga classes where you can opt for safe asanas.

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5. Adventure rides

Though adventurous rides give you the much-required fun, it is suggested to avoid them as their rapid starts and stops and rattling motions can put an excessive amount of pressure on your abdomen. There is a possibility it could lead to placental abruption or other complications5.

On the other hand, it will also make you feel nauseous along with the flips of the ride turning out to be unsafe for the baby.

6. Running and jogging

Doctors recommend you to continue running in case you have a healthy pregnancy and were already running before pregnancy. It isn’t advisable to start afresh during pregnancy as your center of gravity changes with pregnancy. Pregnant women need to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week — in case they do not have any pregnancy complications6.

The best alternative to running and jogging is walking. In this, you cannot miss your control over your body and it is also pretty much easier.

7. Cycling

Though cycling while pregnant is not unheard of, owing to the pros of staying active many women choose this to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. However, cycling during early pregnancy needs to be undertaken with a lot of caution as it is the time the fetus develops within the womb and creates a place for herself.

Too much cycling could lead to backache, rib and side pain, and hip pain. There is also the risk of losing your balance, from cars racing past to simple bumps in the road7.

8. Water activities to avoid during pregnancy

Water Skiing is a very risky activity for expectant women to engage in, considering the high likelihood of falling. Also, water slides pose a risk to the growing fetus in any trimester. It has a high risk due to its sudden or high-impact movements on the body,

Also, falls are a common concern, since the ground is often slippery. Other water activities to avoid while pregnant include white water rafting and parasailing8.

9. Physical activities to avoid during pregnancy

Exercises and light activities can be continued throughout pregnancy. However, it is better to avoid activities such as lifting heavy weights as It can strain your back and pelvis. Also, it is better to avoid exercises that require you to lie on your back for long hours. The pressure builds up in the uterus that brings blood back to the heart9.

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10. Lying on the belly

 Lying on the belly

Any activity that involves lying on the tummy must be avoided as it can turn out to be very uncomfortable. This could cause injury to your baby. It is also better to avoid sleeping on your tummy as well. There are chances it may cause neck and shoulder problems, such as pain, stiffness, and soreness.

The best sleeping position during pregnancy is on your side. The left side is especially good because it lets the most blood flow to the fetus.

How To Be Active During Pregnancy Safely?

It is vital to stay active during pregnancy as spending too much time sitting down without being active can be harmful to your health and your baby’s health which could lead to complications such as weight gain, becoming unfit, increased risk of getting gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia.

Exercising during pregnancy is one of the best ways that will keep you active and energized. It will also help you sleep better and improve your mood swings during pregnancy.

Listed below are a few activities that will help you to stay active during pregnancy safely.

1. Walk more

If you regularly take the bus route to your office, try to walk in case the distance is walkable. Else get down a few stops before and practice walking. There are many benefits of walking during pregnancy, thus it is highly recommended.

2. Take a break

Do not stay in a place for a long time. Take a break and move from your desk in case of prolonged sitting. Walk around your house or stretch your body to stay brisk.

3. Choosing stairs instead of the lift

Climbing is a great way to tone your leg and stomach muscles. See if you can climb your steps to reach your floor at the office or home. In case you live on the top floors, see if you can use the lift and climb the stairs for the last few floors.

4. Regular exercise

There are a few problems that arise due to lack of exercise during pregnancy. If you haven’t exercised before pregnancy, it is good to start with 15 minutes of workout for 3 days a week. This can be increased to 30 minutes for 4 days or every day if you can do it. Being active for 30 minutes each day can help you to avoid gaining too much weight. It gives you the extra energy and strength needed for the birth.

5. Strength training

Strength training helps you to build muscle and make your bones strong preparing yourself for delivery. It’s safe to work out with weights as long as they aren’t too heavy. You can ask your provider how much weight you can lift.



Pregnancy is a great time to be active. However, you might feel more tired than usual, which could lead to back aches due to extra weight. However, unless you’re experiencing complications, we recommend you to carry on activities that help you stay fit.

The content on parenting.miniklub.in is only for informational purposes and is NOT to be used as medical advice. Your DOCTOR is always the best person to guide you through your medical issues.

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